Daisy is both whimsical and balanced, a dance between the feminine & the masculine. Formed from the exploration of shadow, Daisy highlights the depth of darkness and the warmness of light, surrendering to the mystery of this divine connection.  

The creation of Daisy’s shades is rooted in the three phases of shadows, the that we dance to, and our connections with each other. Daisy highlights the inner strength that is cultivated from our willingness to embody & nurture our personal power and our journey from darkness to light. Each shade has its own emotions and energy, connecting us to the beautiful unfolding of shadow, guiding the way through trust, release and embrace.


Harmoniously with the rhythm of our breath, the trio of Daisy shades will lead us back home, to our centre. Embracing the shades of shadows, we can fall more deeply in love with who we are, spreading that love to others, We accept the true source of seasonal change and mindfully allow shadows to bring us to our balance.